Web design in real-time with cell css

Cell is a css generator written in haskell.

Cells are functional, single-purpose classes. You write them with a standard syntax that actually defines the property and value.

This means styling an element is as simple as changing the class name and cell regenerates your stylesheet.

No need to:

  • × invent a class name
  • × open a ` .css` file to edit a class
  • × open a ` .css` file to find out what a class does

Cell is for fast-as-thought web design without specificity wars, bloat, or frameworksget started→ or search for specific classes↑

Cell owes huge credit to: Atomic CSS, Tachyons CSS, Basscss, CSS Wizardry, CSSMOJO, and everyone doing their damndest to make web design accessible.

Cell was built by pollon. We believe good work is a byproduct of good conversations.